Fishing - Front Lake 1

Fishing Rules

Contact us on – / 07919 530982

Please be kind enough to observe the following rules:

Please note Day Fishing Tickets are valid from 7am until dusk only.

Day tickets – £7 per day, one rod. Extra rod £2

Concessions £6 per day, one rod. Extra rod £2

General Fishing Rules

  • You must have a valid rod licence.
  • No under 14’s permitted on the back lake 
  • All juniors under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times and fishing. 
  • Manufactured Barbless hooks only – max hook size standard size 10 or equivalent (regular checks are made- anyone caught using incorrect hooks will be banned from fishery)
  • Lifting and dropping allowed but no suspending of bait other than by a float.
  • No surface fishing, no floating baits. 
  • Minimum 6” of line between bottom of float and hook.
  • Free running leads and feeders only (Method feeders – inline and flatbed only) – no elasticated feeders of any type.
  • Rods must not be left unattended. All anglers to remain with their rods: remote alarms are not allowed. For any absence, lines must be withdrawn from the water and bait removed.

Bait Rules

  • No Dog Meat/Cat Meat
  • Ground bait Allowed- 1 Kilo limit
  • Paste, hook/banded/expanda pellets & boilies are allowed for HOOK BAIT ONLY.
  • All feed baits to be used in moderation.
  • NO nuts to be used either as hook bait or loose feed.
  • NO imitation (plastic) baits allowed.
  • NO BAIT to enter the water after fishing – please take it home or use the bins provided.

Net Rules

  • No keep nets
  • Landing nets should be suitable size and carp friendly and all fish must be returned to the lake in the landing net, not thrown in.

General Rules

  • 5 MPH speed limit on the premises
  • Use car parking provided
  • Keep noise to a minimum
  • Respect other site users 
  • Respect all wildlife
  • Bait and tackle that is visible on an anglers peg will be deemed as in use.
  • Please remove all litter from pegs including discarded line (we advise you cut it into small pieces).
  • Ensure careful handling of fish at all times. DO NOT STAND HOLDING FISH, OR WALK AROUND WITH FISH IN LANDING NETS.
  • Vehicles & equipment are left at their owner’s risk.

First Aid is available in the cupboard under the sink in the washing up room.

The owners and bailiffs reserve the right to refuse entry or ask an angler to leave due to any violation of the land, lakes or rules.

Covid-19 Rules 

Please keep 2 metres apart from anyone not within your own house hold.

We will come round to collect fishing money on the bank, or if we miss you or for extra social distancing please use the honesty box on the bottom right hand corner of the notice board near the office. 

Please use the unisex toilet ONLY, hand sanitiser is provided. 

The owners and bailiffs reserve the right to refuse entry or ask an angler to leave due to any violation of the land, lakes or rules.